Thursday, June 12, 2014

Unix - Hardware Timer Selection

  • To find the timer counter being used by the computer:

    myhost# sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware
    kern.timecounter.hardware: HPET

  • List of available timers:

    myhost# sysctl kern.timecounter.choice
    kern.timecounter.choice: TSC(-100) HPET(900)

  • The integer value within brackets defines the quality of the time counter compared to others. A negative value means this time counter is broken and should not be used.

  • Selecting the timer of your choice:
    myhost# sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=TSC

    Note: This selection does not persist after a reboot. To make this change persistent add the following line to the file /etc/sysctl.conf:
    sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=HPET

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