Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crimping an Ethernet LAN cable

  1. Insert the cat 5e/6 cable into the boot/cap.
  2. Remove approximately 1 inch of the sleeve of the wire.
  3. Straighten the wires (ie, untwist the twisted pairs).
  4. Arrange the wires in the right order as shown below. Choose either (EIA/TIA 568) A or B type, and if it is a straight cable follow the colour sequence of the first image on both the ends of the cable.
  5. Cutoff excess length of the wire (to make it levelled inside the RJ-45 clip).
  6. Insert the wire into the RJ-45 clip while maintaining the order of the wires all the way in until you can see all the wires touching on the right side wall of the clip as shown by the red line (ie, you have to insert the beyond the end of arrows shown here.)
  7. Crimp the RJ-45 clip firmly with the crimping tool.
  8. Fix the boot.

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