Sunday, April 13, 2014

IPv4 Martian Addresses

Martian addresses are the blocks of IPv4 addresses that are reserved for special use by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and are NOT meant to be reached over the Internet. The following are the IANA reserved category addresses which are generally considered as Martian addresses:

Address block Use "This" network Carrier-grade NAT Loopback Link local IETF protocol assignments TEST-NET-1 Network interconnect device benchmark testing TEST-NET-2 TEST-NET-3 Multicast Reserved for future use

Depending on the manufacturer of routers used at the customer premises or at the network service providers end these Martian addresses may also be blocked within Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) or Local Area Networks (LANs). E.g., Juniper Network routers block Martian addresses within IP VPNs.

Private Network IP Address Blocks

IP address blocks that are dedicated for private LANs are also included within the Martian Address blocks according to some definitions.

Subnet Address block Use Class A private networks (used as /8 subnets) Class B private networks (used as /16 subnets) Class C private networks (used as /24 subnets)

Bogon IP Address Blocks

IP address blocks that are yet to be allocated to any user or delegated to any regulator agency by the IANA are called Bogon IP addresses. These blocks change with time.

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